Covering wooden frame houses with masonry facade combines two positive aspects – a wooden frame wall with good heat engineering properties will be covered with a masonry facade that gives the building a high value and long-lasting cladding. The installation of the masonry may be started immediately after the basic assembly has been finished – all wall elements, inserted ceilings and roof structures have been installed and fastened. In the case of masonry facade it must be considered that it exerts extra load on the foundation and that the foundation must have the necessary area for supporting the masonry. Different types of bricks may be used for the masonry facade – calcium silicate or ceramic bricks or natural stone. When building the masonry facade it must be considered that there has to remain a sufficient ventilating space between the masonry and the wooden elements. It is also important to anchor the masonry to the wooden wall.
The accompanying image shows a principal solution for an external wall with masonry facade.

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