Our house sets include load-bearing as well as non-load-bearing internal walls and, in the case of apartment buildings or terraced houses, also walls between the apartments. Besides separating rooms from each other, internal walls give the entire building rigidity – the stability of the building is assured by connecting internal walls with external walls and inserted ceilings, which are impacted by wind load.

As standard we use chipboard or OSB boards in our load-bearing and non-load-bearing internal walls under the outer gypsum board to give them extra rigidity. In addition to giving the building rigidity, the use of chipboard improves the acoustic insulation of the rooms and allows for the installation of shelves, cupboards or other loads on the walls. All internal walls will be filled with insulating material, usually glass wool, which also increases the acoustic insulation of the rooms.
In rooms for wet use the walls will be covered with composite boards free of organic material developed specially for application in rooms for wet use (for instance Glasroc GHOE), which will later be covered on site with hydro insulation before the installation of ceramic tiles.