The construction of a roof using nail-plate roof trusses is significantly faster than building a roof using rafters, but there are certain limitations – it is not possible to construct high open rooms. At the same time, the use of roof trusses allows the building of roofs over wide spans between supports.
When installing trusses, it is important to first ensure that the installed elements have been connected to each other and that the load-bearing structures of the roof are completely rigid. For that reason wind braces are installed on the trusses.
The materials installed on the trusses depend on the roof covering – tiles, sheet metal or rolled roofing material. The thermal insulation of the roof, vapour barrier foil and ceiling battens are installed on the lower chord of the roof truss, i.e. the ceiling level. One exception is buildings with an insulated attic where the trusses form the floor for the attic as well as the roof.
Nail-plate roof trusses are produced by our subsidiary OÜ Rebruk GH.