Approval drawings
During the first stage our designer prepares the approval drawings. The approval drawings set out the dimensions of the house, heights and all the important assemblies, some of which, like window, corner and eaves assemblies, also influence the building’s visual style. The approval drawings also contain load drawings for the foundation and its overall dimensions. We then submit the approval drawings to the client for review and signing. If the client wants to make alterations to the drawings, then these are done before the client signs the drawings. The review of the approval drawings is a stage where the client or their competent representative is obliged to check that the data in the project documentation is in accordance with national standards. Involving the client in the preparation of the project is an important measure for avoiding mistakes during the following design, production and installation works.

After the client has signed the approval drawings, the second stage of the design process can start, during which we prepare the production and installation drawings. If the client wants to make alterations during the preparation stage of the production and installation drawings, they must consider that redesigning will mean additional time spent and additional costs.

Production and installation drawings
In the second phase we prepare production drawings that include drawings for all the building elements and the required material specifications for all the materials needed for producing the elements.
A detailed production drawing which includes all the material layers used in the element as well as their locations guarantees that the construction and the dimensions of the element are correct. The use of production drawings also assures documented tracking for quality management purposes.
We send the production drawings directly to the factory and generally the client does not see them.

The installation drawings for element buildings show the installation order and the locations of the elements and their required connections with the foundation and to each other. The installation drawings also include detailed drawings, which have to be observed exactly to make the element building correspond to the architectural and approval drawings.
We give the installation drawings to the client as well as to the installation team.