We install the house set using our own team or using a specialised subcontractor. When using specialised subcontractors for the installation, we provide the guarantee for the client.

The foundation must be ready before the house set arrives at the construction site. An accurate foundation is an important prerequisite for high quality and a quick installation.

As a rule, we offer the basic assembly / erection, which means that we erect the house set as a statically stable and weatherproof house – we install the elements and materials based on the constructive solution developed by us according to the architectural drawings. Immediately after the basic assembly / erection has been finished, it is possible to measure the vapour tightness of the building and to start special works (water, sanitation, ventilation, electrical systems).

The time it takes to install the house depends on the size of the house and its constructive solution. For instance, the installation time for a 2-storey house with 150 to 160 m² floor area and using roof modules is 3 to 4 workdays. The installation of an equal sized house that uses roof trusses takes 7 to 8 workdays. Therefore the basic assembly / erection of a house may take twice as long depending on the constructive solution.

Please see a short animation of the assembling works here.