The foundations are of great importance for the durability and lifetime of a house. The client will order the design and construction of the foundations from a local construction specialist. Different countries have different requirements regarding the construction of foundations and only businesses with the appropriate certificate or permit may perform the construction and related earthworks. In order to design and build the foundations, the site geology (composition of the ground) and the depth of the foundations in the ground have to be known beforehand. If the building has a cellar, the horizontal loads exerted by the surrounding ground on the foundations have to be calculated.

Our designer will provide the loads arising from the weight of the building, snow and wind loads as well as the building’s dimensions for the foundations.

The use of factory-produced elements in the construction necessitates accuracy and that the elements as well as the foundations meet design specifications. Small deviations in the dimensions of the foundations, especially vertically, influence the position of elements and the accuracy of installation. Before the building elements can be installed, the installation team requires to check that the foundations corresponds to the drawings and production tolerances. The house may not be installed, if the dimensions of the foundations exceed the tolerance limits set out in the drawings and standards.