The architectural drawings provided by the client form the basis for calculating the price of the house set. The prerequisite is that the drawings are to scale or include the correct dimensions. For the price calculation we divide the house into constructive elements and produce a description of all the important construction elements, i.e. of the house set. For windows as well as external and balcony doors we prepare specifications showing the dimensions of the rough openings, opening directions and technical requirements. The price calculation is very detailed and based on that we prepare a price offer for the client based on the architectural drawings provided by the client.

It is not possible to provide an average price per 1 m² since the houses are very different in terms of their architectural and constructive solution (the constructive solution depends on the architecture of the house as well as the snow and wind loads in that particular location).

It takes one to two weeks to prepare a price offer depending on the complexity of the house and the general workload in terms of price enquiries.