We produce the large element components for the buildings in factory conditions employing documented quality control. Factory production guarantees a high degree of accuracy and the technically correct design of the elements and structures. In production, we only use materials that have CE marking or SINTEF certification.

The design, production and erecting of element houses is regulated by standards and the materials and construction components have certificates of conformity.

We document our entire process from the price offer up to the delivery and receipt of the installed building. The product will be defined as accurately as possible in the contract appendices. The contract appendices are the architectural drawings provided by the client, the detailed description of the house set that we prepare while making the price offer, to which we will add all the information required for the design, the specifications for the windows and external doors, and the colour card for the building. The contract appendices will be used as a basis when preparing the approval drawings.

All persons involved in stages that require a high degree of responsibility have received appropriate training and/or are certified and possess previous work experience.

We have been applying the principles of the ISO 9001 quality management standard in our company.

We aim to achieve the ETA (European Technical Approval) certificate of conformity in 2020.