All external wall elements are insulated and the elements are covered with wooden cladding boards that have been primed once and painted once, and are attached using nails. If the client does not want a house finished with wooden cladding boards, we can deliver the external walls with appropriate solutions according to the desired finishing material (plaster, masonry, etc.). The windows will be installed in the external wall elements in the factory. Only very large windows and balcony and external doors will be delivered separately. These will be installed after the basic assembly of the building has been finished.

The frame for the wall panels will be produced from grade C18 – C24 (EN 518) calibrated wood with a moisture content of 15±3%. The choice of frame for the external wall depends on the type of building, thermal insulation requirements in the country of destination and the vertical loads exerted on the wall. Generally the thickness of the external wall’s main frame is 145 to 245 mm plus 45 mm of additional frame. The most commonly used external wall frame is 195 + 45 mm, thus this wall has 250 mm of mineral wool.
On the inside of external walls we use a 45 x 45 mm additional frame, which will be filled with insulating material and allows for the installation of casings and conduits for electrical cables into the external wall elements without damaging the vapour barrier. This is very important for keeping the building airtight.

Due to restrictions arising from transportation equipment and work safety rules at the construction site, the maximum length of the wall elements is 9 m and height is 2.85 m.

Heat transfer values for the external walls

Thermal insulation, mm U-value
when Λ= 0.037
when Λ = 0.033
200  0.20  0.19
250  0.17  0.16
300  0.14  0.13