We understand that a house is a product that is, as much as possible, based on a client’s needs and wishes.
After the construction site has been purchased and a detailed plan or design criteria has been created, the client can turn to an architect. In co-operation with the architect the building’s room plan and design sketches are then drawn up. Based on the architectural drawings we can calculate a price offer and start the development of the constructive solution. It is also a good idea to include our sales manager in the architectural design process in order to define the conditions for the architect to follow in his or her work. Our specialist can make suggestions regarding the development of functional solutions – the materials on offer on the market allow for the creation of very complex structural solutions but at the same time the cost of the house needs to be considered.
To make sure that it is permitted to build the house on the site, a building permit must have been issued before placing the order.

The building permit must be obtained by the person who orders or by their hired consultant.