All materials used in our products have been certified and comply with the requirements and standards of the client’s home country. We only use timber that is strength-graded and has a CE marking.
All our employees follow the quality and safety requirements that apply for the production process.

We use a documented tracking system in our production process that allows exact tracking of the movement of materials from the warehouse to production and from production to the finished product warehouse. At every work stage the employees are personally responsible for the quality of their work, which they confirm with their signature.

The identification of the products, i.e. house sets, with a specific contract number and a name that is given to the product when concluding the contract, assures tracking during the whole process and guarantees that the client receives the house set that was agreed upon in the contract.

The elements that form part of the house set will be packaged in weatherproof packaging based on their type and size in order to create stable packages. The packages for the elements and delivery sets will be provided with packing lists that include the contract number, the name of the house set and the contents of the package.

A delivery note will be prepared for all the dispatched products with information on the products sold and the materials. On the construction site this can then be used to easily check whether the received goods match the supply contract.

The house set

The house set that we deliver allows the erection of a building that is statically stable and weatherproof, and produced and installed according to the production and installation diagrams created by a designer.

Additionally, the delivery set may include roofing materials and rainwater drainage systems.

Generally we do not supply interior doors, stairs and other interior decoration elements since it is not possible to transport these products along with the house set to the construction site at the beginning of the assembly works. These products must be stored in a dry and preferably heated room, which is generally not available at a construction site.

We produce the description of the prefab house when we prepare the price offer. This is one of the contract appendices which form the basis for the constructive design.

Delivery time

On average, we can deliver a house set to the construction site three months after the delivery contract has been signed. The constructive design of the building takes most of that time. After all the important dimensions and details of the building have been agreed upon on the approval drawings, we can start preparing production and installation drawings. At the same time we place orders for materials that take longer to deliver and for other accompanying products, such as windows, balcony and external doors, laminated timber structures, etc. This is also one of the reasons why it can be very costly to make alterations to the drawings after the approval drawings have been signed.
The production time for an average sized house (150 to 200 m²) at the factory, including preparations for production, is two weeks.