We produce prefabricated wooden frame house sets made of large elements. The use of large elements makes the house sets quick to erect and building can be made weatherproof in just a few days.
Engineering of prefabricated wooden frame house

• We place the architect’s idea into the timber frame element building system and perform structural analysis.
• Engineering process − preparing the approval, production and assembling drawings for a house set (approx. 170 m²) takes 6 to 8 weeks, on average.

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Production of prefabricated wooden house set

• We produce the large element components for the buildings in factory conditions employing documented quality control. Factory production guarantees a high degree of accuracy and the technically correct design of the elements and structures.
• The production of the house set (approx. 170 m²), including the preparation period, is 2 weeks. The actual work in factory hall takes 1 week.

In production, we only use materials that have CE marking or SINTEF certification.

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Assembling of prefabricated timber frame house

• The assembling of the house set (approx. 170 m²) into weather resistant and statically stable building takes 3 to 5 workdays.
• Ready for internal works after 5 to 10 days.
• Closing the elements, mounting the missing outside cladding, closing the house eaves etc. takes additional 10 to 12 workdays.

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