How much does a house cost?
It is totally understandable that this is one of the most interesting questions for a customer but answering it in a general way is not that easy. Namely, all the houses have very different architectural and constructional solutions which make all generalisation impossible. For example, constructional solutions depend both on the house’s architecture and the location of the plot, location playing an important role in what the weather conditions will be, keeping wind- and snow loads in mind. All of these details prohibit the calculation of an average price per square metre.

What is included in the price?
Our offer includes at least the whole house set, together with the openings like windows and doors. Depending on the request, the price offer can also include the facade, as well as roof covering, rainwater drains and terrace materials.
We compose a detailed price offering that is calculated on the basis of architectural drawings provided by the customer. Based on the complexity of the house and amount of current active enquiries, it can take us 1–2 weeks to compose an offering.

What are the payment terms?
We have 30% prepayment condition. As per customer’s request can producer’s bank also provide a prepayment guarantee. Read more…

How long is the delivery time? How long does the whole process take?
To be able to give a better overview of the whole process from the purchase of the plot to finished home, have we put together a small picture gallery with descriptions. It takes an estimated 60 days from the receiving of the building permission to actual assembly and installation of the house, this in case there will be no unexpected obstacles in the process. From the start of the assembly to a finished home it will take approximately another 100 days. Read more…

What is the level of quality?
All of the house details are produced in dry production conditions where we also execute documented quality control. By providing such production conditions we can secure high precision and technically correct execution of the elements and constructions. In our production we use only CE marked or SINTEF certified materials and apply the quality management standard ISO 9001 principles. Our goal for 2021 is to receive European Technical Approval (ETA).

What kind of guarantee is there?
We give a 5-year warranty for our products. The producers of windows and doors give a quality warranty of up to 5 years for their products as well.

Do you also offer installation of the house, including a move-in-ready solution?
Yes, we can also offer installation services, either by our own specialists or by our capable under suppliers. In the case of using under suppliers, it is we who bare the responsibility in front of our customers.

Why Profab Houses?
We have long experience in the production of element houses – over 30 years that is the longest in Estonia.

We have a personal approach to the customer throughout the whole process and we find solutions to questions operatively. 

Our price proposals are very accurate and in correlation with the norms and requirements of the country of buildings location.

We meet our deadlines.

We are open to complicated and demanding projects for we are good at solving them.

Our guarantee is 100% valid.