Profab Houses management has more than 30 years of experience in the field of prefabricated wooden element houses. We have involved in creating three house factories and have delivered more than 3000 houses all over Europe during this time.


The design, production, and erecting of element houses is executed following necessary standards and regulations like TEK 17 (Norway), SINTEF Byggforsk (Norway), EUROCODE (EU) as well as have the materials and construction components certificates of conformity like CE-certification (International), SINTEF certification (Norway).
The entire process from composing a price offer to delivery and receipt of the installed building is documented. The product is defined as accurately as possible in the contract appendices. The contract appendices are the architectural drawings provided by the client, detailed description of the house set that we prepare while composing the price offer, to which we will add all the information required for the design, the specifications for the windows and external doors as well as the colour card for the building. The contract appendices will be used as a basis when preparing the approval drawings.

All specialists involved in the required stages have received appropriate training and/or are certified and possess previous work experience.

We have been applying the principles of the ISO 9001 quality management standard in our company.

We are in the process to achieve the ETA (European Technical Approval) certificate of conformity and Sentral Godkjenning (administered by The Norwegian Authority).

An environmentally friendly, time-saving and cost-effective choice

Wood is a completely renewable resource

Wood is a completely renewable resource and CO₂ neutral since a growing tree captures as much carbon dioxide as is released when it decays or burns. The industrial production of a timber / wooden frame house does not create a residue that is hazardous to the environment and what little waste is created during the production process (packaging and gypsum board cutting waste) is easily utilised.

Fast erection
Production takes place inside, which completely prevents the structure from absorbing moisture. We package the building components in weatherproof packaging, which allows them to be stored at the construction site in factory packaging. The erection of a weatherproof house takes only a few days. Immediately after the house has been erected special works may be started, which can be performed at the same time as the joints of the structure are being sealed or as the balconies or terrace elements are being installed. This timesaving helps to decrease the client’s general construction costs.

Low running costs
The use of a timber / wooden frame, modern insulating materials and wind barriers helps to produce houses that are well insulated and wind-proof. Out partners offer tight and well-insulated windows as well as balcony and external doors. Along with professional assembly and sealing of element joints, we can offer our clients houses with low energy consumption and low running costs.

Liability and warranty

We give a 5-year warranty for our products. The producers of windows and doors give a quality warranty of up to 5 years for their products. Thanks to the quality management system used by the company, we can guarantee that the elements of the house will be built according to project documentation. At the same time, the client always has the option to request information from the factory regarding the designs as well as the production process or to visit the factory to see the production
process on site.

Claims settlement

The client or a person authorised by them submits a written claim regarding a deficiency, with accompanying photographs as proof, to the project manager or sales manager. If the deficiency is the result of a mistake made by one of our subcontractors or by us, it will be taken care of as soon as possible. The maximum time for settling larger claims is 2 months.